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House Moving Services Overview

When you own property, you tend to worry about floods, damaged foundations, or changing land laws like these can leave you with a damaged or demolished house and thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Enter Dodson House Moving, the only house moving service that you will ever need! We understand that property ownership is at the core of every hardworking individual’s heart and that’s why we designed our services to make sure your property stays safe.

Whether you own a school, a house, or commercial property, Dodson House Moving handles all the heavy lifting for you so you can have a seamless transition from an old to a new location.

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Protecting Your Home

Protecting your home is always a priority especially when flood season comes around. From raising and leveling your foundation to moving your home to a safer location, Dodson House Moving is well-equipped to deal with and foundation repairs and home relocation.

Be it a mobile home, a double-wide home, or anything in between, Dodson House Moving is ready to help you protect your home by moving it safely.

School Building Relocating and Portables Moving

Dodson House Moving offers moving services for school buildings, classrooms, and other portable structures. Our team of professionals is always ready to help you relocate and rearrange any classrooms or portable structures in whatever way you see fit.

With Dodson House Moving, you’re covered for all school-related moves within San Antonio!

Commercial Building Moving

Need to move your commercial building to a different location? Look no further than Dodson House Moving! We understand how moving can increase your business’ downtime so we strive to make sure that your move is as quick and hassle-free as possible.

With our years of experience and tons of successful commercial building moves, we can move your building in no time.

At Dodson House Moving, we aim to make your downtime as low as possible!


House Moving

Historic Building Relocating

Historic buildings and similar structures hold a special place in the hearts of a town’s residents. It is for this reason that their relocation should always be regarded gently.

At Dodson House Moving, every brick, nail, and plank of wood is always accounted for when moving historic buildings.

With our strict hiring policy, internal training, and years of experience, our movers always deal with all historic buildings as gently as possible and with all the respect they deserve.

Loading and Unloading Services

Dodson House Moving is well-equipped to move your property easily and with as little damage as possible.

We are equipped with a fleet that includes Dollie trucks with air-ride technology, Mack trucks with hydraulic jack systems, hydraulic 5th wheel and slides shifting bolsters, and much more.

With our state-of-the-art technology, Dodson House Moving is experienced in handling all moves that require delicate handling and precision.

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Why Us? The Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Move

  • We’re Professionals: At Dodson House Moving, we have all the necessary moving permits and we service our moving trucks regularly. We are professional movers who are subjected to performance reviews regularly to ensure that you get the best moving experience possible.
  • We’ve Got Experience: Every mover at Dodson House Moving has gone through rigorous training on how to serve to move all kinds of items. From portable classroom buildings and house raising, Dodson House Moving has got professional movers who can control anything!
  • We Save You Time and Energy: When you hire Dodson House Moving, you get efficiency. With our professional movers, you can rest easy knowing that your home will get where it needs to be on time. 
  • We Guarantee the Safety of Your Building: We value your property and that’s why we treat every single move gently. Be it during disassembly, transportation, assembly, or storage, Dodson House Moving guarantees the safety of your property.

Choose Dodson House Moving, The Best House Moving Company in San Antonio!

It doesn’t matter if the building you need to move is a mobile home, a double-wide house, a school, a commercial building, or a historic building- Dodson House Moving is always ready to help you move.

With top-notch reviews from our customers and state-of-the-art equipment on stand-by, Dodson House Moving is the best company in San Antonio to help you move your school building, commercial building, portables, and home.

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