Residential & Commercial Demolition

Dodson’s demolition service is an essential part of all construction projects.



Dodson provides demolition services and removal of debris to prepare for new construction projects.


Pool Demolition

We work with homeowners to remove swimming pool structures after water has been drained.



Dodson demolition is the leading demolition company San Antonio. Our services are comprehensive and affordable.

Residential & Commercial Demolition

As a premier commercial and residential demolition provider, our team of demo experts provides solutions that ensure your house moving project can begin as soon as possible.

Our demo experts are properly equipped to remove all items from your property. We provide customers a convenient appointment for you to have your property inspected followed by demolition and removal. Our demo experts provide the best solutions for your unique home moving situation.

Our team of skilled demolition experts works with heavy equipment capable to take down even the toughest of structures. With decades of demolition experience and skilled training, Dodson’s demolition pros can help transform your dream into reality.

Helping You Get Where You Need to Go

Dodson provides demolition, excavation, and services that include hauling and grading. We do whatever it takes to get the job done and have the equipment and expertise to handle any project, big or small.


Demolition Projects

Amazing work and great people.
Edgar Dodson can move a house with a glass of water on the table and never spill a drop! Best professional house moving I've ever witnessed!

Pool Demolition

Dodson has a proven track record for the safest and most efficient swimming pool demolition needs. For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to making a faster, more efficient process for clients throughout Texas.

One of the most challenging aspects of pool demolition is the structure itself. Our team of demolition professionals works to take down structures to prepare for removal. 

The deconstruction process begins in order to take down the structure, piece by piece. Our demolition professionals pay close attention to detail to prevent property damage. Each structure of debris is carefully removed and placed in a designated place until it can be hauled off.

We have many years of experience in the demolition field and are able to handle any job. Our demolition services include taking down structures to prepare for removal and hauling off. 

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From residential and commercial demolitions to site clearing and land prep, we are the experts who can help you start your demolition project fast.

As a premier commercial and residential demolition provider, our team of demo experts are committed to providing you with a remarkable, stress-free moving experience from the moment you call us until your move is complete.

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