House Moving

With over 40 years of house moving experience, we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done safely.

Tree Trimming

Clearing tree branches and/or limbs surrounding your property to allow movers to safely relocate your property

Traffic Control

Our traffic management include setting up cones and barricades to allow relocation of household from one property to the other.


We assist with digging up debris from your property like concrete, dirt, asphalt, building waste, and more.

Frequently asked questions

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Moves charge by the size of the house and degree of difficulty. Please use our simple Estimate form for us to provide a free quote.

Generally the entire process of moving or raising the home and building the new foundation is completed in one or two weeks. Weather conditions, our schedule and the masonry contractor’s schedule must be taken into consideration however.

  • Board of Adjustment:  The city of San Antonio requires an application for a hearing to move into the city.  A notice is sent to land owners within 200 feet of your site.  A hearing is held to determine if the house will be allowed to move into the city.
  • Plan Checking:  Two copies of the site plan, foundation detail showing the pier placement, pier size and floor joist size and spacing.
  • Foundation Permit:  When plan checking approves the plans a foundation permit is secured.  The pier holes must be inspected prior to the placement of concrete into the holes.
  • Moving Permit:  The traffic division reviews the proposed route and approves.  This approval and a relocation bond guaranteeing the house will be repaired to the city code within 90 days must be submitted to secure the permit.
  • Plumbing Permit:  A licensed plumber must secure the permit and install the plumbing to meet city code.
  • Electrical Permit:  A licensed electrician must secure a permit and install the electrical to meet city code.
  • Repair Permit:  This permit is to be purchased by the homeowner and covers repairs.  The homeowner can do the repairs themselves.

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House Raising

With over 40 years of house moving experience, we have the experience raising homes to protect your property from flood damage

Structural Elevation

It is a smart investment to remove your home from flooding risk. Flood insurance premiums can be greatly reduced.

Flood Elevation

Raising homes to protect your family and property from flood damage. Get your house raised faster, safer, and smarter.

Zoning Requirements

Your house raising services include a zoning requirements checklist. Our services prepare you for the house foundation repairs.

Current Projects

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Dodson Demolition is a full-service demolition contractor in San Antonio, TX. We have been in the demolition and construction business since 1967


We can take care of all your residential demolition needs for remodels and home relocation projects.

Slab Removal

When foundation is beyond repair, we handle concrete slab removal, hauling off the debris and material.

Commercial Projects

Dodson is a licensed and insured contractor equipped to handle all commercial projects.