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When moving trucks don’t  fit the bill, it’s important to have specialized equipment to get the job done. We own moving trucks, trailers and dollies for all your moving needs! 

Moving Trucks

We own a wide variety of trailers and trucks for all your moving needs. Our Mack truck and trailer is equipped with remote control hydraulics that are very versatile. From the Mack truck’s large size to the 53′ trailer’s size and hydraulics, this truck and trailer combination is hard to beat!

Moving a house is a challenging task that is made easier with the right equipment and moving crew. 

The crew prepares the new home location, inspecting all aspects, including foundation, electrical lines, gas connections and pathways. Our moving trucks and equipment are specifically designed for carrying large houses, portable classrooms, and even historic buildings.

Kiwi Trailer

Kiwi trailers use a system with hydraulic controls to transfer the house’s load directly to the transport vehicle. This allows for a smooth transport and relocation. The trailer can carry a maximum weight of 15,000 lbs. and has a maximum speed limit of 20 mph.

When it comes to moving houses, we believe there should be a system that provides a smooth ride and makes the task as efficient as possible.

That’s why we use hydraulic kiwi trailers – which houses state-of-the-art hydraulic controls, enabling direct transmission of force from the house onto your transport vehicle.

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House Moving FAQs

Dodson House Moving has been operating in the San Antonio area for over four generations. During this time we have gained the reputation for delivering quality work and always meeting deadlines. Cheaper prices by other movers are no good if they cannot perform on time or without causing irreparable damage to your structure. Always check references on companies and individuals to make sure you are not their next victim. Don’t become a target of a smooth talker. Always check out the company, including Dodson.

Most time movers can keep their prices down because they do not carry workers’ compensation or general liablitity insurance. This is especially important to ask because if a worker is injured on your property without insurance, you, the homeowner, are responsible for his injuries. Is a cheaper bid worth the liability you will incur? So, remember to always ask about insurance. Dodson House Moving is licensed, bonded and insured.

Dodson usually only requires a small down payment to hold the structure for your expected move date. No mover should get paid 100% for work that has not been performed. Many unreliable companies will take customer’s money only to not complete the job. This is when a cheaper quote is useless if the company cannot perform on time or without causing irreparable structural damage.

The type and condition of a mover’s equipment has a lot to say about a mover. If a mover does not take care of or maintain their equipment, will he take the necessary care with your house? At Dodson House Moving we are on the cutting edge of technology in our industry. We currently use new trucks with remote control hydraulics. We also have airride dollies that help to reduce unwanted damage to structures; only about five movers in Texas out of 100 use these dollies. Our skid steers our also outfitted with remote controls and lemonizers to help aid in lifting structures with little to no damage. Dodson also has one of only four specialized moving trailers out of New Zealand to help aid in moving structures. We also employee a full time mechanic to maintain all of Dodson’s equipment. Not all movers or moving companies are the same, so remember to look at and ask what type of equipment will be used for your move.

Dodson House Moving is a fourth generation company with owners Edgar and Gator working directly with its employees. This is not a part-time or second job for us, we are constantly striving to become better movers. We employ some of the best folks in Texas. We have very low turnover and strive to teach and educate our employees with classes and annual conventions. Together we have over 75 years of experience working at Dodson.

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