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Dodson House Moving has been in the business of relocating structures for over 40 years. Our company offers a variety of moving services.

Building Relocation

Handling structural building relocation. We provide a full range of moving services for shell homes and historic buildings

Home Lifting

Offering affordable foundation repair solutions for homes with settling or uneven foundations.

Shell Homes

Providing specialized equipment to help aid in the moving and relocation of shell homes.


Construction and design-build work includes commercial-residential paving, electrical, plumbing & HVAC.


Trained deconstruction crews carefully deconstruct the building to salvage as many of the reusable materials as possible.


Complete demolition services include pre-demolition planning, on-site safety considerations, and clean-up.


House Moving Projects

Amazing work and great people.
Edgar Dodson can move a house with a glass of water on the table and never spill a drop! Best professional house moving I've ever witnessed!

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We are a full-service house moving company

We take pride in our professional approach to moving structures. We provide the safest, most efficient methods for relocating.

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Our purpose is making the possible reality. Solving challenging projects with innovative techniques


Dodson House Moving has been relocating houses and structures as a Texas House Mover for over four generations.

We would like to help you with your next project. Regardless of how many structures you have to relocate, Dodson has the professional staff, equipment and reputation that proves we can handle any size job. Before deciding on a mover based soley on price, find out what type of equipment, insurance and experience they have. Visit our handy FAQ section, and use our free Decision Guide to help you determine who is right for you. Or contact us ask for a quote using our Free Estimate form. You can also look at the houses and buildings we have for sale on our current inventory tab.

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