2 Bedrooms

2 Bedroom 1 Bath 
24'x36'  864 sq. ft.

Total Price:                $35,000.00
Down Payment:         $ 3,500.00  
Monthly:                     $ 350.00
Weekly:                       $ 87.50
House for Sale to be removed from property 210 Railroad St, Poth, TX
2 bedroom 1 bath
28' x 36'
1008 Sq Ft
Wood frame home with wood interior
Roof may need to be lowered to move, unless the route to the new site will allow the height.

Price includes building, moving to your site, roof removal if required, setting on a precast concrete block and pad foundation.
House: $2,200.00
Move: $17,250.00
Roof Removal:  $3,500.00

After final location is determined the moving cost may be adjusted for unforeseen obstacles.